About Us

Families Are Magic (FAM) Program:

Strengthening parent-child relationships and fostering healthy homes.

Helping Caregivers

We know that parenting presents universal challenges in every home. FAM increases the accessibility of existing and underutilized family and parenting services and resources at www.FAMRichmond.org. FAM’s website is a clearinghouse for parenting information, a place for other organizations to list upcoming events, and a link to well-researched community resources for parents and professionals.

Community Events

FAM develops and distributes educational materials at community fairs, local festivals and special events that deliver specific parenting tips on child safety, coping skills, non-violent discipline, building self-esteem and other related topics. Through these grass-roots efforts, we hope to impact families throughout the community.

Circle of Parents

FAM facilitates Circle of Parents weekly support group meetings, which allow parents from similar backgrounds to discuss their common parenting challenges. Although a SCAN facilitator moderates the meetings, parents are encouraged to develop leadership roles within the group. Visit Circle of Parents for more information.

Empowering the Community

FAM promotes widespread prevention by helping people recognize signs of child abuse and neglect. FAM reminds the community of the severity and extent to which child abuse and neglect affects children and families, and provides opportunities for people to actively participate in child abuse prevention.

Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children teaches adults a five-step process for preventing, recognizing and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse. Through its partnership with Darkness to Light, SCAN provides Stewards of Children trainings for companies, congregations, schools and civic groups.

To learn more about the training to prevent child sexual abuse, click here.

If you would like to take the training, please contact Natalie Clavon at


April National Child Abuse Prevention Month Campaign

Every year, FAM coordinates this area’s Child Abuse Prevention Month Campaign in April. Pinwheels, the national symbol for child abuse prevention, are distributed to local groups, congregations, businesses and schools. Pinwheel gardens are planted throughout greater Richmond to bring awareness to child abuse. The campaign highlights resources to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.

Click here for the 2019 Child Abuse Prevention packet highlighting Building Resilience & Strengthening Families.

Professional Education

FAM trains childcare providers, teachers, guidance counselors and others on child-related issues, including child development, child safety and positive parenting practices. SCAN also provides speakers to civic groups, congregations and businesses. SCAN not only educates groups about child abuse and neglect, it offers opportunities for individuals and groups to support community efforts to prevent child abuse.

FAM Network

The FAM network brings together community based organizations to promote professional development through learning new skills; to encourage networking among family serving agencies and other community organizations who provide goods and services to families, to educate and support positive messaging to families and the distribution of resources; and to provide an on-line resource for professionals and families.

FAM Staff

Melissa McGinn, Community Programs Coordinator

Contact Melissa at MMcGinn@grscan.com