Spring is here! Warmer weather has arrived and the flowers are starting to bloom. As you celebrate springtime, spend time outside with your family and connect with each other and your community.


Learn Together

April is here and this month provides many opportunities for you to learn new things as a family.   Use the warmer weather to study nature and how flowers bloom.  Remember that spending time with children and allowing them to set the pace of the interaction provides many benefits.  It is a stress reliever for both you and your child to have unrestricted time.  It is a great bonding opportunity as well as the perfect time to really reflect on what your child finds interesting.  Let them take the lead and see what comes of it!  This change of pace from a structured routine will soon become a “must do” for the entire family.



Play Together

Spring can be a busy season, but it’s important to remember to schedule family time! Family time doesn’t need to involve daylong, pre-planned trips. Think simple. Attend one of the many family-oriented events in the Richmond area this month such as events at the Children’s Museum or Easter on Parade.  Again, pay attention to the booths or displays that your child is attracted too – what does that say about his/her personality?  These nuggets of information will help you stay connected with your child, especially during more challenging times.  Play outside and enjoy watching nature’s changes.  Jump in mud puddles and watch your children’s eyes twinkle when you don’t care how dirty they become!! Developing a healthy sense of humor helps children be resilient.  After all, mud can be washed out but an afternoon of laughing will provide lifelong memories.


Renew Together

Remember in January when your family had all those resolutions they were excited about?  Springtime is the perfect time to reflect on these and renew your commitments.  Spring is a time of awakening and birth – what can it awaken in you?  Maybe your goal was to read together every night but you have been skipping some nights (or weeks).  Once again, recommit to this goal and get everybody on board.  For the younger ones, have everyone choose a story to read along with a chapter from a family book every night.  For older ones, check out your local library programs and see what they are promoting right now.   Click here for some lists of great read alouds, Richmond Public Library.


Visit Richmond Parents and Completely Kids Richmond for more local events.


Enjoy the month and your time together!  Remember to stay healthy together, to share together and to play and learn together.  Families that can do those things are definitely magic!



Updated March 2017