FAM Network

The FAM Network, comprised of more than 50 community organizations in Central Virginia, seeks to increase community and individual involvement to promote the safety and well-being of all children, to prevent child abuse and neglect and to contribute to a comprehensive service delivery system for families by doing the following:

  • Encouraging, supporting and educating community based organizations on best practices in child abuse and neglect prevention.
  • Building professional relationships with and among a wide range of organizations.
  • Collaborating on effective public education messages about positive parenting.
  • Engaging and challenging these organizations to take action to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect at all levels.

FAM Network’s Mission:

To promote professional development through learning new skills; to encourage networking among family serving agencies and other community organizations who provide goods and services to families, to educate and support positive messaging to families and the distribution of resources; and to provide an on-line resource for professionals and families.

Benefits of Membership in the Network:

  • Members will be visible partners in the community’s effort to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • Active members will be listed on the FAM website with a description of services and contact information. This information will be available to the professional community and to parents.
  • Members will be able to attend trainings and other educational activities at no cost to them. (Other fee based trainings may be offered as well).
  • Members will be able to enhance and/or build professional relationships with other organizations to expand referral sources.
  • Members will receive information about best practices, current research and other issues relevant to child abuse prevention, trauma informed practice and the protective factors.
  • Members will be able to distribute materials to the network and identify special events on the community calendar on the FAM website.
  • Each member organization will have the opportunity for one on one consultation with the FAM Network Community Consultant to explore how to integrate protective factors and trauma informed care into the services, policies, and procedures of their organization.

Organizations interested in joining the FAM Network can contact Melissa McGinn at MMcGinn@grscan.com.



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