Virginia Home for Boys and Girls

8716 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23294

(804) 270-6566

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls is a youth and family services organization with a 170-year history of providing family centric services to Virginia’s youth and families. We believe all children deserve to grow up surrounded by a loving, nurturing family and deserve encouragement; protection and a sense of belonging that come from supportive adult relationships in a healthy family environment and a safe supportive community. VHBG provides services through our Community Based Therapeutic Resources: Intensive Care Coordination, Outpatient Therapies, Mentoring and Intensive In-Home and Outpatient Child Psychiatry, Teaching Family Homes (Level A Group Homes), Family Assessment and Stabilization Track Program (90-day Medicaid Funded) and our K-12 Private Day Placement School, John G. Wood. Through the evidence-based methods of the Teaching Family Model we assist in keeping children in or returning them to a permanent family environment.