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Family Magic Makes Winter Blues Disappear

Now that the holiday season is over, it�s not unusual for the winter blues to set in. But with the right attitude and a little planning, there are many things you can do with your family to chase the blues away.

Simply talking to your children is the best way to stay connected and involved in their lives. Whether you talk about your own day-to-day activities or discuss current events in the news, be sure to keep the lines of communication open. Often, children are scared and confused about dramatic events they hear about from the media. The current economic downturn may cause children to worry about their own security. It�s important to address these issues in a calm and reassuring, yet honest way. Click here for a list of age-appropriate ways to discuss the economy with your children and for tips on general family communication.

Here are a few ideas for some family magic to make those winter time blues disappear!

    goingLearn Together

    Experts agree that the best way ward off the blues is to eat right. So gather round the kitchen table and get your children involved in nutritious meal planning. Teaching your children how to eat right is a lesson that will last a lifetime. Head to your local library and check out a few cookbooks or check out www.bellybytes.com for some kid-friendly recipes. Another fun learning activity in the kitchen is conducting science experiments. Click here for some simple activities you can do at home. Or head over to the Science Museum of Virginia for Science Saturdays. Who says learning can�t be fun!

    DoingPlay Together

    The great thing about Richmond winters is that there are many days when you can go outside and play. Even if there�s a chill in the air, it�s always a good idea to get outside each day. Whether it�s a walk around the block, a game of backyard tag or, maybe even a snowball fight, fresh air and exercise are excellent ways to chase away the winter blahs. Visit one of the metro Richmond�s many parks or Pocahontas State Park for a winter scavenger hunt. Too cold to play outside, then head over to Chesterfield Town Center and join the fun at Club Mom. Meet other moms and enjoy free entertainment on the first Tuesday of each month from 9am-11am in the Food Court.

    giving Help Together

    When winter weather keeps you inside, why not get a jump on some spring cleaning. Even young children can help you sort through closets and toy boxes. Then box up any unwanted gently used items and donate to Goodwill or another local charity. Then when the nice spring weather returns, you�ll be ready to go out and play!

    being Be Together

    No matter what the season, it�s important to make time each day to spend with your children. Spending time together strengthens your relationships and shows your children how much you care. Whether it�s a Saturday afternoon outing or playing a favorite board game, quality family time can keep everybody�s spirits up. For more complete lists of family friendly ideas, visit:


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