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FAM Network

Local organizations dedicated to providing high quality and effective services for parents have joined together to form the FAM Network.
FAM Network members are working together to better serve parents.
Organizations throughout Richmond are waiting to help you.
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    Bounce . . . Raising Resilient Children

    8312 Old Cavalry Drive

    Mechanicsville, VA 23111

    804-779-7171 office


    Email:[email protected]

    As a program of Medical Home Plus, Bounce . . . Raising Resilient Children focuses on programs that will guide adults by modeling opportunities to build resiliency skills in children. When adults implement these practices, the children they care for develop the ability to �BOUNCE� back from the many challenges they face in their lives. Bounce also provides violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention programs such as �Al�s Pals� in child care centers and elementary schools throughout the greater Richmond and Petersburg area. Recently, Bounce has expanded its programs to include working with families of children with ADHD.

    Chesterfield Co. Parent/Teacher Resource Center


    4003 Cogbill Road Richmond VA 23234


    Workshops: Understanding Special Education; Disability Awareness; Surrogate Parent Training; Home/School Communication; Parent/Child Communication; Learning Strategies; Self-Advocacy Skills; Transition-Birth to Adulthood. Others as needed.

    Service area: Chesterfield

    Keywords: Workshops, Special Education, Disability, Surrogate, Communication, Learning Strategies, Advocacy, Self-Advocacy, Transition

    Chesterfield County Mental Health Prevention


    9842 Lori Road, Suite 101 Chesterfield, VA 23832


    Education classes, individual consultation, workshops available on a wide variety of topics ranging from child discipline to ADHD, to divorce, etc.

    Service area: Chesterfield

    Keywords: Parent education classes, Consultation, Workshops, ADHD, Divorce, babies, marital communication

    CHIP (Children’s Health Involving Parents) of Greater Richmond

    (804) 233-2850

    2922 West Marshall Street Richmond, VA 23230


    Home visitation agency with a focus on children health and parenting education. Mental health counseling and transportation

    Service area: Richmond City, Henrico, Chesterfield

    Keywords: Home visitation, Children health, Parenting education, Mental health, Counseling

    City of Richmond � Early Childhood Development Initiative

    804-646-7320 or 804-646-2030

    701 N. 25th Street, Suite 229

    Richmond, VA 23219


    Email: [email protected]

    The Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI) provides parenting education activities throughout the City of Richmond. Activities are provided in a variety of formats for the parents of children prenatal to age five. Formats include single sessions, 4 week, 10 week and 18 week classes and activities.

    CHOICES-CML Consulting

    Life Coach/Mediation Services

    Office: 804-754-0231 FAX: 804-754-0141

    Email:[email protected]

    Support services for youth and adults. Individual and group sessions available. Focus on strategies to help make informed choices: Self determination; Learning styles; organization/study strategies; ADHD; Conflict Resolution: Adolescents; Child/parent relationships; Divorce; Co-Parenting; Mediation.

    Afternoon, evening, some weekend services Free 15-minute initial phone consultation

    Service area: Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Powhatan, Richmond City

    Keywords: Individual, Family, Strategies, ADHD, Communication, Consults, Mediation, Co-parenting, Divorce

    Clinical Alternatives, PC


    5412 F Glenside Dr. Richmond, VA 23228


    Groups for teen parents and parents with mental health and substance abuse issues. Court mandated, anger management, sex offender treatment services. Respite, foster care, individual & family treatment. Intensive home-based services.

    Service area: Richmond City, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Caroline Co., Petersburg

    Commonwealth Catholic Charities


    1512 Willow Lawn Dr. Richmond VA 23230


    Individual and family counseling; Parents education classes, anger management classes, and domestic violence assessment and groups at various times and locations. Participates with most insurance companies and offers a sliding fee scale rate for self-pay clients.

    Service area: Richmond City, Henrico, Chesterfield, Ashland, Highland Springs, Charlottesville, Orange and Louisa

    Keywords: Parent education classes, Anger management, Domestic violence

    Commonwealth Parenting


    4121 Cox Road #110 Glen Allen, VA 23060


    Parent education for families in Central Virginia to enhance and strengthen parenting skills. Services include: individual parenting consultations, interactive classes, community outreach, speaking engagements for schools and businesses. Topics include: single parenting, child development, behavior management, infant care, adolescence and positive parenting. Day, evening and weekend services are available.

    Service area: Richmond and surrounding counties

    Keywords: Teen parents, special needs, family services, parent education classes, adoption support

    County of Henrico Public Library


    1001 N. Laburnum Ave Richmond VA 23223


    Preschool early literacy storytimes; literacy education for child care providers; parenting education; cultural programs for children, parents, and families; summer reading program for all age levels; free computer classes and online access; group storytimes by appointment; Spanish speaking staff available. Contact: Pat Muller, Children�s Services Coordinator 804-652-3227.

    Key Words: Parent Education, Literacy, Workshops

    Families Anonymous Support Group


    Meeting times and locations vary through the area. Please call for further information.


    Support groups for teen parents, grandparents and parents with substance abuse issues.

    Service area: Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover

    Keywords: Support groups, teen parents, grandparents, substance abuse

    Family & Community Support Systems, LLC

    (804) 762-8716

    2807 N. Parham Rd, Suite 306 Richmond, VA

    Meeting times and locations vary through the area. Please call for further information.


    Services Include: Intensive In-Home Counseling Services, Independent Living Coaching, Mentoring & Tutoring, Case Management, Educational Consulting, Supervised Visitations, Customized Services, Educational Programs, Parent Education Classes, Independent Living Classes, Anger Management Courses, "Girls Night Out" Activities, "Guys Night Out" Activities, Teen Movie & Game Night andCPR certification and recertification

    Family Lifeline (formerly Family & Children’s Services)


    1518 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond VA 23230


    Intensive weekly home visitation for children born into at-risk families. Parent support and education classes for teen parents, parents with special needs, grandparents, and those with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

    Service area: Richmond City, Henrico, Petersburg City

    Keywords: Home visitation, Parent support, Parent education classes, Teen parents, Special needs, Grandparents, Mental health, Substance abuse

    Father Focus Richmond


    P.O. Box 12037 Richmond, VA 23241

    Email:[email protected]


    Our mission is to strengthen families by helping dads identify and overcome challenges they face as fathers.

    First Things First


    5200 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226


    Workshops and Trainings for Parents including:

    Boot Camp for New Dads:
    workshop for expectant dads of all backgrounds. Unique father group format where veteran dads (with their infants) help rookies; designed by men for men. Workshops are currently offered at Henrico Doctors Hospital and MCVH.

    Couples Skills: Romance, Rice and Reality: utilizes nationally acclaimed PREP program to build healthy relationship skills that have been proven to reduce levels of conflict and increase relationship satisfaction for extended period.

    Friends Association for Children

    1004 St. John Street Richmond, VA 23220


    email: 804-644-2357


    Friends Association for Children is a multi-service agency that provides preschool, and school age services, including after school programs, youth enrichment activities, music and performing arts programs, and family development services for parents and adult members of the Richmond metropolitan community. FRIENDS has three locations: Jackson Ward, Church Hill and Chesterfield County. Affordable childcare services are available at all sites.

    Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)


    1506 Staples Mill Road Suite 203 Richmond, VA 23230


    Support and education for teen parents, parents with special needs, family services, kin care. Services for mandated clients, anger management and parent education classes. Foster care support, individuals and families.

    Service area: Richmond City, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield

    Keywords: Parent support groups, Teen parents, Special needs, Kin care, Anger management, Parent education classes, Individual support, Family support

    Hanover County Community Services Board


    12300 Washington Hwy. Ashland, VA 23005


    The Community Education Team at Hanover Community Services offers opportunities for parents to enhance their parenting skills. Workshops are available throughout the county covering a variety of family issues. Also, parents can meet individually with our parent educator to discuss specific concerns.

    Service area: Hanover

    Keywords: Mental health, Substance abuse, Grandparents, Parent education, Parent workshops, Parent consultation, Individual treatment, Family treatment

    Healthy Families: Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Families First


    9620 Ironbridge Road Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23832


    Program of the Mental Health Support agency for first time parents. Provides assessment of parenting needs for new parents.

    Service area: Chesterfield, Colonial Heights

    Keywords: Mental health, Parent support, First time parents, Prenatal, Infants

    Henrico County MHMRSA (Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Substance Abuse) Prevention Services


    10299 Woodman Road Glen Allen, VA 23060


    Parent education. Classes in the Model Program – Guiding Good Choices and Families and Schools Together. One on one parent consultations; Home visiting in Charles City. Day, evening and as needed service offerings.

    Service area: Henrico, Charles City

    Keywords: Parent education, Consults, Home visitation

    Hilliard House

    3900 Nine Mile Road Richmond 23223

    804-236-5800 x 27


    Services: Literacy Education, Tutoring for school aged children, Organwise Program for ages 3-6, Membership to Children�s Museum, Preschool Readiness classes, Effective Black Parenting, Assess to local parenting classes.

    Service area: Metropolitan Richmond

    Home Again



    Services for teen parents, grandparents, and those with mental health issues. Parent education and parent support groups. Must be homeless and referred by central intake. Serves those in shelters in Richmond.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Keywords: Teen parents, Grandparents, Mental health, Parent education, Parent support groups, Homeless, Shelters

    Jewish Family Services

    282-5644 ex. 239

    6718 Patterson Ave., Richmond, VA 23226


    Groups for: Divorce, adult caregiver support, new mothers helpers, adoption support, individual and family treatment, anger management and sex offender treatment, teen parents, grandparents and parents with special needs, mental health and substance abuse issues.

    Service area: Richmond City, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield

    Keywords: Support groups, Divorce, Adult caregiver, New mothers, Adoption, Individual treatment, Family treatment, Anger management, Sex offender treatment, Teen parents, Grandparents, Special needs,Mental health, Substance abuse, Counseling

    Jordan's Quest, Inc.


    P.O. Box 2043, Mechanicsville, VA 23116


    Individual and group parent education classes provided. Services provided in the home or at the workplace. Day and evening sessions. Parent resource information provided to parents.

    Service areas: Richmond City, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Petersburg, Hopewell, New Kent, Sussex County

    Lutheran Family Services of Virginia


    2000 West Club Lane Richmond, Virginia 23226


    Volunteer mentoring and recruitment and training for foster and adoptive parents.

    Medical Home Plus, Inc.


    8719 Forest Hill Ave, Bon Air, VA 23235


    Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families of children with special needs. Provide supports to families as well as the professionals that work with them through advocacy, education, resource coordination, and violence prevention/resiliency skill building.

    Service area: Statewide

    Memorial Child Guidance Center


    200 North 22nd St. Richmond, VA 23233


    Individual, family, and group therapy, anger management classes. Resource and referral for parents interested in quality child care. Serves those in Whitcomb, Woodville, and Chimbarazo Elementary School.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Keywords: Individual therapy, Family therapy, Group therapy, Anger management, Child care

    OAR (Offender, Aid and Restoration) of Richmond, Inc.


    One N. Third St. Richmond, VA 23219


    Job search assistance, rent assistance, work clothes/boots/work tools if required, etc. Services are not based on whether or not client is a parent. Must be in jail awaiting release, or have reentered community with a criminal recoRoad

    Service area: Richmond City, Caroline, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Petersburg

    Keywords: Job search, Rent assistance, Work clothes, Work tools, Jail, Criminal record, Reenter community

    Partnership for Families Northside

    2104 W. Laburnum Ave. Suite 102 Richmond, Virginia 23227

    (804) 353-4264


    The Partnership for Families Northside is a pioneering group of 12 established non-profit organizations with a mission to help families prepare their children, from birth to five years old, to enter school healthy and ready to learn. Partnership programs and services are offered in schools, children's homes, places of worship, community centers, and other neighborhood sites.

    Service area: Twenty seven neighborhoods located in the northeastern quadrant of the city of Richmond.

    Ready to Learn/Commonwealth Public Broadcasting


    23 Sesame St, Richmond, VA 23235

    Email:[email protected]


    Non-commercial, non-violent educational children’s television programming; workshops for parents/child care providers/early childhood educators with focus on literacy and preparing children for success in school; PBS.org website; Ready to Learn Book Initiative that offers books for low income families.

    Service area: Central Richmond Virginia

    Read Aloud Virginia


    8545 Patterson Avenue, Suite 201, Richmond, VA 23229

    Email:[email protected]


    Motivates parent, teachers, librarians and others to read aloud to children (infants through teenagers) to improve literacy and family bonds through books. Organization utilizes workshops, group meetings and trainings to meet these goals. Read Aloud Virginia offers a 2-hour read aloud training to teachers, librarians, PTA groups, parents and other professionals. Contact agency to schedule a training.

    Service area: Central VA; Beach area; expanding to SW VA and NOVA.

    Richmond Behavioral Health Authority


    107 S. Fifth St. Richmond, VA 23219


    Parent education classes, parent support groups.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Keywords: Parent education classes, Parent support groups

    Richmond Attachment Parenting International


    12400 Brightwater Lane Richmond, VA 23233


    Parent support groups offered to parents and grandparents. Membership of $35 requested but not required. Child care offered during parent groups.

    Service area: Richmond City, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield

    Keywords: Parent support groups, Grandparents

    Richmond's Early Childhood Development Initiative


    900 East Marshall Street, Room 302, Richmond, VA 23219


    The Initiative works to make sure that all Richmond children under the age of five are healthy, well-cared for and ready to succeed in school.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Richmond Midnight Basketball League


    214 E. Clay St. #307 Richmond, VA 23219


    Conflict resolution, Financial literacy, Pre-employment training, cultural enrichment, substance abuse and peer mediation. Parent education classes, self-help and court mandated groups available.

    Service area: Richmond City, Chesterfield, Henrico

    Keywords: Conflict resolution, financial literacy, Pre-employment training, cultural enrichment, Substance abuse, Peer mediation, Parent education classes, Self-help groups

    Richmond Public Library


    101 E. Franklin St. Richmond, Va 23219


    With nine branches located throughout the city, the Richmond Public Library has free resources (computer classes, internet access, storytimes and special programs) for everyone. Parenting resources include books, videos, DVDs, CDs, parenting magazines, brochures, and creative learning materials. We also provide children�s story times with stories, games and prizes, and special family programs. Call us or go to our website for upcoming events. See below to find your local branch:

    Main 101 E. Franklin St.

    Belmont 3100 Ellwood Ave.

    Broad Rock 4820 Old Warwick Road

    East End 2414 R Street

    Ginter Park 1200 Westbrook Ave.

    Hull Street 1400 Hull Street

    North Avenue 2901 North Avenue

    West End 5420 Patterson Ave.

    Westover Hills 1408 Westover Hills Blvd.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Rubicon, Inc. Women with Children Treatment Community

    2825 Rady St. Richmond, VA, 23222



    The Rubicon, Inc. Women with Children Treatment Community (WCTC) Program is a residential, rehabilitation program located in the Highland Park. The program offers woman a unique opportunity to participate in residential substance abuse treatment. Their children are able to accompany them into the program, thus enabling the family to stay together. This recovery focuses on addiction and parenting issues, as well as helping the family move towards a healthier and more functional family lifestyle.

    Service area: Richmond City and surrounding counties

    Safe Harbor

    287-7877 (24-hour hotline)

    P.O. Box 17996 Richmond VA 23226


    Safe Harbor's mission is to save lives by providing education, advocacy, counseling & shelter to break the cycle of domestic violence. We have a 24-hour hotline, a confidentially-located shelter, and individual and group counseling for men, women and children who have experienced domestic violence, including a Hispanic woman's support group. We also provide educational presentations on various topics related to domestic violence.

    Service area - any individual or family who has experienced domestic violence

    St. James’ Episcopal Church


    1205 W. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23220


    Parent education classes in stress management, handling grief, ADHD, bullying, faith. Teen and grandparents also welcome. Workshops offered on Sunday mornings between religious services. Call for schedule.

    Service area: Richmond City

    Keywords: Parent education classes, Stress management, Grief, ADHD, Bullying, Faith, Teen parents, Grandparents, Workshops

    Virginia Coopaerative Extension - East District Center


    701 North 25th Street


    Provides programs for adults and youth in Nutrition Education, Adult Economic and Budget Education, Childcare Education and Youth Development 4-H programs.

    Service area: City of Richmond

    Virginia Cooperative Extension Service – Henrico Co.


    8600 Dixon Powers Dr. Richmond VA 23273


    Services offered to teen parents, grandparents, and parents with mental health issues. Parent education classes, education through extension publications and on-time workshops.

    Service area: Henrico, Richmond City

    Keywords: Teen parents, Grandparents, Mental health, Parent education classes, Workshops, Extension publications

    Virginia Cooperative Extension: SCNEP (Smart Choices Nutrition Education Program)

    752-4310 ext. 4312

    13224 Hanover Courthouse Road #204 Hanover, VA 23069


    Parent education classes for teen parents, parents with special needs and mental health issues, grandparents. Classes related to health and nutrition for low income families. Day, evening, weekend offerings.

    Service area: Hanover, Goochland, Powhatan

    Keywords: Parent education classes, Teen parents, Special needs, mental health, Grandparents, Health, Nutrition, Low-income families

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    2-1-1 is the national abbrevieated dialing code for free access to health and human services information and referral (I&R) provided locally through United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg.

    2-1-1 VIRGINIA is available to everyone needing help, especially in times of crisis.

    Dial 2-1-1 or (804) 275-2000

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